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Motor vehicle accident training.

Rescue Squad members are required to certify to at least the Minnesota First Responder level. However, advanced certifications, including EMT, Paramedic, and RN are welcomed.

Squad members must also demonstrate proficiency on squad equipment, including boats, all terrain vehicles (ATV's), radios, GPS receivers, and other gear.

These skills include:

Human Trackers

The Rescue Squad fields 24 certified human trackers, trained to detect and follow human sign on the ground.

Human tracking is the act of recognizing, interpreting, and following the evidence of human passage on the ground. This evidence can consist of compressed soil, damaged vegetation, etc.

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

The ROV is a miniature submarine, controlled from the surface via a tether. With the ROV they are able to search underwater without endangering the lives of divers. The SeaSprite scanning sonar allows the ROV to search an area more quickly than a diver, even in extremely low visibility conditions such as the Duluth Harbor.

Swift Water Rescue

The Rescue Squad recently refreshed their skills and knowledge in Swift Water Rescue. 14 members attended a class taught by the Swiftwater Safety Institute of Jackson, Wyoming with continuing in-house training.

High Angle Rescue

St. Louis County is host to many rock climbing and scenic overlook sites and with that the need for experienced High Angle Rescuers. The Rescue Squad continuously trains internally in High Angle Rescue and through courses taught by Ropes That Rescue.

Vehicle Extrication

The Rescue Squad employs the use of three sets of Genesis Heavy Extrication tools to quickly and safely gain access to patients trapped in a motor vehicle accident. Often referred to as "the Jaws of Life", members train extensively with this equipment along with other hand tools.

K-9 Teams
K-9 Synder and handler Marcia.

Trailing Dogs

Capable of following the scent of a specific person over long distances (up to several miles). Depending on the conditions, these dogs can often find that person even after several days have passed. To follow an individual, these dogs require a "scent article" to get them started. A scent article is a piece of gauze that has been placed on something that was last touched by the missing party.

K-9 Ted

Air Scenting Dogs

Trained to find and follow human scent, but are not capable of discriminating the specific scent of an individual, like a bloodhound can. These dogs are quite efficient at locating humans within a search area, they are estimated as being approximately 20 times more effective than a human searcher. Unfortunately, their inability to distinguish one individual from another sometimes limits their effectiveness.

K-9 Ted

Cadaver Dogs

Specifically trained to locate the scent of humans remains. They are used in situations where the missing subject is known or suspected to be deceased. They are able to detect human remains on land, buried, and underwater and are useful in detecting human remains from very recent deaths to deaths that occurred several decades ago, or possibly longer. K-9 Ike and K-9 Ted currently work with the St. Louis County Rescue Squad.

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